Martin Murphy & Los Paseos School security fencing – September 5, 2019 meeting

In case you missed the meeting, see the handout given at the meeting, images below, or in the attached pdf file.
One page lists answers to the Q&A at the first meeting.
The second page is a very preliminary position of the fence (red line) that will connect to the ends of the one chain link fence currently around the track and soccer field, thus surrounding the MHUSD property. This is NOT the final layout.
In attendance:
  • Anessa Espinosa, MHUSD Director of Facilities, running the meeting
  • Steve Betando, MHUSD Superintendent
  • Name not known, MHUSD Construction Design
  • Alex Aesan, Principal of Martin Murphy Middle School
  • Torie O’Reilly, SJ Parks Dept Manager
  • Sergio Jimenez and Vanessa Sandoval of District 2 Office
  • Other attendees: approximately 25 people
Anessa went over the Q&A
All named attendees above gave information related to the reasons for the fence both locally and at other schools across the Bay Area, State and nation.
Also, a discussion of a joint use agreement being discussed between MHUSD and San Jose City Parks (Torie O’Reilly) to address the neighborhood concern that an area that has been used for decades is being eliminated from their use. A suggestion was given to place a running/walking loop between Los Paseos Elementary and the School field; this is on the Park property. Torie took notes and will update us in the future.
A comment about possible continued use is to put in electrically controlled gates as shown in the field photo (see pdf) that would be open during non-school hours, including weekends. This is still under consideration as to type of gates and entrance possibilities.
The neighborhood attendees’ comments were received and taken note of by the named attendees above.
Q & A
Proposed Fencing Layout

National Night Out

Join us for our 5th Annual National Night Out event!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Los Paseos Park

The main purpose of this event is to promote public safety and reduce crime by getting to know your neighbors. As last year, the Los Paseos Neighborhood Association is organizing this event August 6 at Los Paseos Park (5:00pm – 8:00pm).

Come out and meet your neighbors and enjoy:

The great music of the Crimson Blues band
2 jump houses
Chalk Art contest
Free hot dogs
Free ice cream

Bring the kids! Meet the first responders responsible for our community: Members of SJPD, SJPD Merge Unit, CHP, SJPD Crime Prevention Specialists, SJPD Canine Unit, SJFD (station 27). Also, SJ Public Library, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and local vendors supportive of the community.

 And, this year an award winning magician will join us at LPNA NNO. 

Martin Murphy Campus Safety Enhancements (fencing & cameras) Community Meeting

The report of a fence going around the track/soccer field at Martin Murphy is true, and the project will be coming to implementation soon.

A meeting to inform neighbors about the project is set for June 17, at 6:00 – 7:00 pm, in the Martin Murphy iCenter (inside the school). The meeting will be put on by MHUSD.

Student safety is the prime driving force to this project. The project is complex since the School and the Park coexist in its usage. Students cross the Park many times during the school session. Decades of use of the fields and the track by neighbors and by soccer organizations should be considered in the design of the fencing layout and entrances to the fields, and to the times these entrances are open to the neighbors.

Plan to attend to give your input and ideas to this major project in the neighborhood.

See the flyer attached here for more information about this meeting, and contact information.


Greg Peck

LPNA BBQ in Los Paseos Park

Los Paseos Neighbors, you are invited:

Thursday, September 27th

Los Paseos Neighborhood Association Hosts

BBQ in Los Paseos Park

5:30 to 7:00 pm (or however long people want to stay)

We will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers in the park to thank you and your families for your help and support. We’ve accomplished a lot in the past year:  new trees and benches in the park, Fibar for the playground and painting the restrooms, another outstanding National Night Out in August, a Dumpster Day, clothing collection for the homeless, and special meetings to discuss homelessness issues and solutions, and the impact of High Speed Rail.

This is a fun social event, but it will also be an opportunity to show you what we’ve done in the park and talk about our future the plans. We will also invite our friends in the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services Department and D2 Office to thank them for all their assistance.

Please mark your calendars for September 27th, and we hope to see you there!

RSVP is not strictly required, but a tentative headcount will help with our planning and purchasing. Please reply to

Funding for this event is provided by the BeautifySJ grant from the City of San Jose.


Los Paseos Park – LPNA Catalpa Speciosa Tree Project

A HUGE thanks to the members in the community working on Los Paseos Park projects. They planted trees on March 17th. Follow their progress along with their maintainers in the photo gallery below:

Trees Planted March 17, 2018 with the help of Our City Forest and AmeriCorps volunteers. The following shows the progression of the trees’ growth since planting…..

April 20, 2018 —

May 08, 2018 —

May 21, 2018 —

May 29, 2018 —

Park Uplift follow-up

After all the Los Paseos Park volunteer efforts on 4/29 and Parks department enhancements over the past several weeks, the park not only looks great during the daytime, but also at night! The restroom facility received new LED lighting to better illuminate the restrooms and the surrounding area.

By mid-summer, in conjunction with some PB projects the community supported, the walking path will also receive Solar lighting to illuminate the walking path between the picnic area and the tennis courts. What looks great and enjoyed during the daytime will continue on into the evening!

Park Uplift

The restroom building, the picnic area and the playground at Los Paseos Park got a facelift! When? Sunday, April 29.

Bernal Church volunteers, with help from Los Paseos Neighborhood Association (LPNA) members and the Parks Department, painted the restroom building, refurbished the picnic area grounds with more decomposed granite, and added 100 yards of fibar (playground wood chips) to the playground.

Our park are an inviting place, and community members strive to make it an even better place.

Cheers to the group for offering a helping hand to spruce up the park.


Greg Peck

Restroom Building Before

Restroom Building After

General Improvement Activities

Feeding of the Troops

LPNA Community Projects 2018

The Los Paseo Neighborhood Association has multiple projects in Los Paseo Park this year. These projects are primarily funded by a BeautifySJ grant from the City, submitted by LPNA. LPNA members have initiated these projects with Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) to beautify and enhance our Park.

  • Planting of 10 new shade trees (Catalpa speciosa) in the Park. Purpose was to provide shade to the sun-exposed, non-reserve picnic area, and add additional shade trees in the Park. LPNA worked with Our City Forest (OCF) and Americorps volunteers with support from PRNS to get the job done. PRNS established a hose coupling nearby to water trees if needed during the hot summer months until they are established. (BeautifySJ funds) Complete!
  • Repair and painting of the restroom building in the Park. Also, we will be repairing the decomposed granite (DG) surface in the picnic area near the bathroom. This is a continuing effort by LPNA member Herb Bowen to keep the reserve picnic area looking great. LPNA has teamed with PRNS to accomplish this project. This renovation will happen at 10:00 am on April 29th. The community and Bernal Church volunteers will be involved in this effort. If interested in helping, please join us.
  • Installation of two new park benches between the tennis courts and the restroom building. Current status, park bench types have been identified. Project target date is July. (BeautifySJ funds).
  • Upgrade to the lighting inside and outside the restroom building, installing new LED lighting. This project was initiated to address the poor, outdated lighting in and around the building, for purposes of increased visibility within the restrooms, and increased illumination around the building at night. Complete!

Note: Herb Bowen is the LPNA contact person working with the city planners on Los Paseos Park projects. City planners and Parks personnel will meet with and update the community at the LPNA meeting on May 19th, 7:00 p.m. at Santa Teresa Library. If you have any questions concerning these projects, please contact Herb though the LPNA website “Contact Us” page

Community Improvement to Los Paseos Park

During the PB process, we noted that the entrance to the parking lot for Los Paseos Park was poorly marked. Through the persistence of Herb Bowen and the Los Paseos Neighborhood Association, a new sign marking the entrance has just been installed. Thanks also go to Shawn Moresco at the City’s Dept. of Transportation.


Barbara Canup

Los Paseos Neighborhood Association