LPNA 2017 Year in Review

LPNA 2017 Year in Review

We started the year on a high note by winning a District 2 Community Honoree Award at the State of the City Address in February.

In April, LPNA partnered with Bernal Bible Church to spruce up Los Paseos Park by replacing the dirt area under the new picnic tables with stabilized decomposed granite (DG).  More work to follow…


In June, LPNA hosted a community meeting regarding the status of the vacant Nob Hill store, attended by about 80 neighbors.  Los Paseos residents heard from Amber Wright as a representative of the property manager/owner, ROIC.  She explained some of the issues and roadblocks to filling the vacant space.

We held our first LPNA mixer in June, attended by about 35 people from the Cheltenham area of the neighborhood.  More mixers to come.

In August, LPNA hosted our third annual NATIONAL NIGHT OUT, bigger and better than 2016.  Over 400 people attended, including our District Council Member, Sergio Jimenez and Mayor Liccardo.  We provided hot dogs and ice creams, a jumpy house and chalk art contest for the kids, and a live blues band.  We plan to make 2018 even more fun and exciting.

LPNA hosted a Los Paseos Dumpster day in December, giving neighbors the opportunity to get rid of 20 tons (40,000 pounds) of unwanted junk.

On December 3rd, LPNA partnered with Frank Mata, a Los Paseos neighbor, and the Los Paseos Homeowners Association, to host a fun Christmas event at the Los Paseos Pool Clubhouse.

We held regular General Meetings in alternate months throughout the year to provide opportunities for the Los Paseos neighbors to learn about and discuss a variety of issues and topics:

  • We heard a presentation by High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) representatives. The neighborhood expressed concerns, especially regarding a viaduct along Monterey Road, possible blight and impacts to property values.
  • County Supervisor Mike Wasserman talked about the County’s services, including clinics and hospitals, County expressways and roadways, social services (particularly on housing and homelessness), elections, and parks and libraries.
  • A Fire Marshall discussed efforts on illegal fireworks.
  • We heard updates on North Coyote Valley and the Peninsula Open Space Authority (POST) purchase of property that had been proposed for development. POST recently purchased an additional 60+ acres. These purchases will forever allow those areas to be open space.
  • The Santa Clara Valley Water District discussed Water Issues and Flood Control.
  • More than one meeting focused on homelessness issues: Over 40 people attended a discussion of the controversial Bridge Housing project with the City of San Jose Housing Department. SPUR, a leading civic planning organization respected for their independent research and holistic approach, talked about Affordable Housing and homelessness.


LPNA has helped focus attention and shift the discussions on significant issues. LPNA will continue to engage with organizations and politicians at the City, County, and State levels, providing opportunities to get information, to learn about and to discuss issues that are relevant to our area, and to work on projects that benefit the community.  More on our plans for 2018 in a future post.


Greg Peck, President

Los Paseos Neighborhood Association

LPNA website: www.lospaseosneighbors.com

Facebook page: Los Paseos Neighborhood Association