Board Elections 2018

Election Process for LPNA Board

The entire Board of Officers comes up for election for the calendar year 2018 at LPNA’s next general meeting on December 7th. The elected Officer positions and their duties are:

President:  The President prepares and publishes the agendas and presides at general meetings and Board meetings; obtains speakers for general meetings; facilitates the other activities of LPNA, including applying for permits for activities (such as National Night Out, park improvements, and special events); exercises general powers of administration consistent with the office; appoints committee members with approval of the Board; reviews bank statements and disbursements made; and acts as the official spokesperson for LPNA.

Vice President:  The Vice-President assists the President with the duties noted above; assumes the duties of the President in that Officer’s absence; coordinates the activities of any committees; and serves as an authorized check signer in addition to the Treasurer. Currently the Vice President is also responsible for the quarterly newsletter.

Secretary:  The Secretary keeps the minutes of general meetings and Board meetings; is responsible for correspondence at the direction of the President; and keeps records of attendance at meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining available for inspection the documents and records required for legal purposes and under grants and the LPNA Bylaws.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer is held accountable for all funds; gives a financial update at least annually at a general meeting; receives, safeguards and disburses funds; keeps proper financial records; proposes budgets to the Board; and provides bank statements for review by the President. The Treasurer also manages grant applications and grant-related accountings, and files tax documents.

Member-at-Large (2):  The Members-at-Large assist the Board with responsibilities assigned by the Board or may be requested to take over responsibilities of another Officer on a temporary basis when an Officer is unavailable. One current Member-at-Large serves as the LPNA webmaster, and the other is responsible for activities, projects, and issues related to Los Paseos Park.

Nomination process under LPNA Bylaws:

“Nominations of candidates for elected positions shall be submitted through the LPNA web site, (About / Contact Us) or in writing (including by email) to any Officer, at least 30 days prior to the meeting when the election will take place.”

Nominations will close at midnight on November 7th.  

The election will take place at the December 7, 2017 General Meeting at the Los Paseos HOA Clubhouse on Via Ramada, beginning at 7 PM (thanks to the LP HOA for allowing us to use their venue). (Members (residents) over the age of 18 may vote.

Current Board members have expressed their intent to nominate themselves for the same positions for 2018.