MHUSD candidate forum

Meet and Hear the Candidates at this event sponsored by American Association of University Women, Morgan Hill Life, and Morgan Hill Times. While LPNA may not be directly concerned by Morgan Hill city politics, it is directly impacted by the MHUSD (Morgan Hill Unified School District) to which the schools in our neighborhood belong.

September 29, 2016
Morgan Hill City Council Chambers


Public Safety – Disaster Preparedness

With the recent fire outbreak in the Santa Cruz mountains near Loma Prieta, this topic strikes really close to home, literally and figuratively. Do you wonder…

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Whether that emergency be a fire, a flood, an earthquake, or other type of disaster, you should think about building a go bag that includes minimally the following:

  • Food and water supplies to last you 3 days/person (minimum)
  • Clothing
  • First aid kit (and any necessary medications afflicting members of your party)
  • battery powered radio
  • cellphone
  • flashlight (and/or matches)
  • batteries
  • copies of important family documents (medical records, insurance policies, etc.) stored in a waterproof container
  • If you have pets, build a go bag for them, too (water, food bowl, food, meds, etc.) – cannot stress the importance of maintaining shot records for your pets in the event they must be boarded during a crisis. *Chip them if you haven’t already so they can be reunited with their owner after the disaster*
  • Contacts outside the immediate affected area to notify of your situation

It always takes a disaster to remind us, we cannot and should not procrastinate when it comes to disaster preparedness! We need to prepare for these eventualities!

D2 Participatory Budget – Help get the vote out

On October 8, the city will hold an Expo at the Los Paseos Elementary All Purpose Meeting room from 10:30am-1:00pm.

(Yes it conflicts with Park Clean Up Day, so I would encourage you to attend both events since they are beside one another!!!!)

Come meet the budget delegates driving projects to help improve your neighborhoods. Learn what each project has to offer so you as a voter can make an informed decision as to how to best spend the $1M dollars available from the Calpine grant settlement. Learn more about the process via the City of San Jose web page dedicated to this process:

Here you can register to vote electronically if you are unable attend in person.

You can also learn more about the projects at

Better yet, get involved and let your neighbors know about this process and get them to vote on projects they believe will benefit and improve the entire community.

District 2 candidate forums hosted by League of Women Voters

Many thanks to the League of Women Voters for hosting the District 2 candidate forums this evening, 9/1. Their efforts inform the public of the candidates seeking to represent our community.

They graciously supplied the following handout for voters to learn more about the issues on this years ballot both locally and nationally