Los Paseos Art Box Project

At the Los Paseos Neighborhood Association (LPNA) meeting on Thursday, May 17 (7pm at the Santa Teresa Library), we will discuss a project to paint “Art Boxes” at each of the two main entrances to the Los Paseos Neighborhood. These are the traffic light control boxes in front of Fire Station 27 and on Avenida Espana in front of Martin Murphy Middle School. Through the 2018 BeautifySJ grant program, LPNA has received funding to complete this project. A similar project was proposed in the previous Participatory Budget Process, but it was not funded then.

We are in the process of collecting ideas for the art work and, with the help of an art advisor for the City, selecting a professional artist or artists to do the painting. We will need community volunteers for a day of prep work on the boxes and for follow-up/monitoring after they are painted. If you are interested in the project, but not able to attend the meeting on Thursday, please send an email to:

Barbara Canup

Los Paseos Neighborhood Association

Quarterly meeting 5/17

LPNA is holding its Quarterly neighborhood meeting…

May 17, Santa Teresa Library, 7:00 p.m. 


Please arrive in time to start at 7:00 p.m. Thanks

A. Call to Order 
B. LPNA Business
C. Updates 
     • District 2 update – District 2 staff will give updates 
     • PB – Round 2; Round 1 (cameras) 
D. Presentations             
     • Safety – SJPD (Capt. Fong), CHP (Ross Lee) 
     • Art Box Project, an LPNA project (Tina Morrill) 
     • Los Paseos Park Uplift update, an LPNA project (Dan Greeley, Park Supervisor) 
     • Measure B – Neighbors for Affordable Housing & Open Space 
E. Questions and Answers 
F. Next Meeting – August 16, 2018, Santa Teresa Branch Library, 7:00 p.m. 
G. Adjourn 
As you can see we will have a lot of important updates for our area at this meeting. Hope to see you at the meeting. 
Prior to this meeting, the February 15 meeting Minutes will be sent to LPNA email list for review. Please read and comment with any modifications or corrections you may see needed. 
Thanks and Regards, 
Greg Peck 

Park Uplift follow-up

After all the Los Paseos Park volunteer efforts on 4/29 and Parks department enhancements over the past several weeks, the park not only looks great during the daytime, but also at night! The restroom facility received new LED lighting to better illuminate the restrooms and the surrounding area.

By mid-summer, in conjunction with some PB projects the community supported, the walking path will also receive Solar lighting to illuminate the walking path between the picnic area and the tennis courts. What looks great and enjoyed during the daytime will continue on into the evening!

Park Uplift

The restroom building, the picnic area and the playground at Los Paseos Park got a facelift! When? Sunday, April 29.

Bernal Church volunteers, with help from Los Paseos Neighborhood Association (LPNA) members and the Parks Department, painted the restroom building, refurbished the picnic area grounds with more decomposed granite, and added 100 yards of fibar (playground wood chips) to the playground.

Our park are an inviting place, and community members strive to make it an even better place.

Cheers to the group for offering a helping hand to spruce up the park.


Greg Peck

Restroom Building Before

Restroom Building After

General Improvement Activities

Feeding of the Troops

Electronic Speed Sign on Santa Teresa Blvd

Electronic Speed Signs was a proposed PB project to place electronic speed signs on the Santa Teresa Blvd and Monterey Highway corridors to warn drivers to slow down and reduce speed as they entered into urban neighborhood communities, rural speeds (50-55mph) reduce to local street speeds (40-45mph). Often, drivers fail to observe local street speeds after prolonged driving along a rural road.

Unfortunately, the electronic speed signs PB project did not receive enough votes to proceed after PB Round 2 voting. Fortunately, however, many community members persisted to voice concerns to the City of San Jose DOT. The DOT examined the issue for the Santa Teresa Blvd corridor, and addressed our concerns with the installation of a speed sign on northbound Santa Teresa Blvd past Tulare Hill before Bayliss Dr. The sign is currently inactive as of 4/15. Stay tuned. More details to be posted when we learn of an activation date.

Hopefully, this sign alerts drivers to their speed and aid in curtailing the rampant speeding along this roadway. Many thanks to all who collectively voiced their opinions to the City to help improve the traffic safety entering our neighborhood.

LPNA Community Projects 2018

The Los Paseo Neighborhood Association has multiple projects in Los Paseo Park this year. These projects are primarily funded by a BeautifySJ grant from the City, submitted by LPNA. LPNA members have initiated these projects with Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) to beautify and enhance our Park.

  • Planting of 10 new shade trees (Catalpa speciosa) in the Park. Purpose was to provide shade to the sun-exposed, non-reserve picnic area, and add additional shade trees in the Park. LPNA worked with Our City Forest (OCF) and Americorps volunteers with support from PRNS to get the job done. PRNS established a hose coupling nearby to water trees if needed during the hot summer months until they are established. (BeautifySJ funds) Complete!
  • Repair and painting of the restroom building in the Park. Also, we will be repairing the decomposed granite (DG) surface in the picnic area near the bathroom. This is a continuing effort by LPNA member Herb Bowen to keep the reserve picnic area looking great. LPNA has teamed with PRNS to accomplish this project. This renovation will happen at 10:00 am on April 29th. The community and Bernal Church volunteers will be involved in this effort. If interested in helping, please join us.
  • Installation of two new park benches between the tennis courts and the restroom building. Current status, park bench types have been identified. Project target date is July. (BeautifySJ funds).
  • Upgrade to the lighting inside and outside the restroom building, installing new LED lighting. This project was initiated to address the poor, outdated lighting in and around the building, for purposes of increased visibility within the restrooms, and increased illumination around the building at night. Complete!

Note: Herb Bowen is the LPNA contact person working with the city planners on Los Paseos Park projects. City planners and Parks personnel will meet with and update the community at the LPNA meeting on May 19th, 7:00 p.m. at Santa Teresa Library. If you have any questions concerning these projects, please contact Herb though the LPNA website “Contact Us” page

PB Round 2 Update

Many of our neighbors have inquired about the status of the PB projects. While LPNA is not managing all the PB projects (this is the City’s responsibility), some of its members have personal interest to ensure the success of their own projects championed through the PB process. As a result, those involved in managing their own projects have better insight to the status vs others within the community. Information is always available through the City’s District 2 website. The Parks Upgrade information below is more up to date with thanks to Parks Upgrade member Herb Bowen managing that group’s projects.

 Participatory Budget (PB) projects, ROUND 2 winners

Money for Our Local Schools – Complete!

Beautification on Santa Teresa (A): Landscaping and Neighborhood Signs —

Landscape side strips, place neighborhood entrance signs, paint the sound walls between Chantilly and Bayliss Dr.

  • Status:

a) Sound walls painted (some wall sections still need completion, and are being addressed)
b) wood repaired neighborhood entrance sign locations established
c) tree planting locations have been established by the City arborist and the PB Project Delegate, and planting will begin soon.

Parks Upgrade 1 (B): Shade Playgrounds at 2 Parks —

Shade structures for playground at Metcalf Park and Los Paseos Park.

  • Status: City parks planners are using multiple vendors for procuring equipment and contractors to install the structures. Could be in the middle of the summer.

Parks Upgrade 1 (C): Solar Lights for Los Paseos Park —

Solar lighting from tennis courts to the parking lot.

  •  Status: City parks planners are in the process of ordering the solar lights. PB funded 5 lights, city added 3 more for a total of 8 solar lights for the pathway.

Paseos Lighting  — Complete!

Upgrade three paseos’ lighting with LED lights, brighter than existing lights.

  • Status: All 3 paseos’ lights have been retrofitted. Complete!
    1. Avenida Rotella à Tennis courts
    2. Avenida Espana à Cheltenham Way
    3. Avenida Espana à Bayliss

Note: Herb Bowen is the LPNA contact person working with the city planners on Los Paseos Park projects. City planners and Parks personnel will meet with and update the community at the LPNA meeting on May 19th, 7:00 p.m. at Santa Teresa Library. If you have any questions concerning these projects, please contact Herb though the LPNA website “Contact Us” page


Community Improvement to Los Paseos Park

During the PB process, we noted that the entrance to the parking lot for Los Paseos Park was poorly marked. Through the persistence of Herb Bowen and the Los Paseos Neighborhood Association, a new sign marking the entrance has just been installed. Thanks also go to Shawn Moresco at the City’s Dept. of Transportation.


Barbara Canup

Los Paseos Neighborhood Association

Muriel Wright Center Update

Questions have been raised concerning how the Muriel Wright Center located in Santa Teresa County Park will operate when it re-opens in March of 2018. County Supervisor Wasserman addressed these questions and others at the end of the Measure A Bond meeting held February 22, 2018 at the South Side Community Center organized by San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions

The URLs referenced near the end of the Q&A have not been posted as of yet. We will update this post as that information becomes available.

Video of Community Meeting regarding Measure A Bond for Housing

On February 22, 2018, a local community group, San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions, held a meeting at Southside Community Center to have Supervisor Wasserman discuss government division of jurisdictions and how Measure A bond funds are being used to provide affordable housing in Santa Clara County. If you were unable to attend this meeting, you can view this informative discussion via the embedded video below.

To learn more about the issues regarding housing solutions, go to their website for San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions