Check your voting registration

With all the garbage in the news about voter fraud, mail delivery delays, and some states clearing voter registration rolls, do your due diligence!

Make sure you are registered, so your vote counts!

Every vote counts!

Not just for the National Election, but also for local issues impacting city, county, and State elections. Navigate to the Santa Clara County website and verify the validity of your voter registration information.  If for some reason, your registration was dropped, register online.

After you vote, particularly if by mail, track your ballot on the county website to ensure it was indeed counted, and not dropped due to a technicality, or mismatched signatures, etc. If voting by mail, return the ballot ASAP via US mail, or drop it off at a designated drop-off  location.

Special Message from County Supervisor Mike Wasserman

In an excerpt from Mike Wasserman’s newsletter issued 9/15/2020, I wanted to emphasize the importance for everyone to participate in the 2020 Census. To quote Supervisor Mike Wasserman:

1 in 5 Have Not Completed the Census

As of this week, nearly 1 in 5 households have NOT participated in the 2020 Census. This means that 140,000 of the 701,000 households in the County of Santa Clara have not responded so far. Are you the 1 in 5 in your neighborhood? If so, please complete your 10-minute questionnaire today. It is as easy as following the link below or calling 844-330-2020. The data collected from the Census is used to allocate over $800 billion in annual funding for vital services, including money for:

    • Schools
    • Healthcare
    • Housing
    • Roads

Census Deadline: September 30th, 2020.

Complete the Census

To learn more about Santa Clara County issues, Visit Supervisor Mike Wassermans’s Website, or sign-up for his newsletter