City Update on the paseos renovations

There are three paseos in the vicinity. One is located within the Avenida Espana neighborhood. The other two are within Los Paseos neighborhood.

The information below is from the Special Districts Arborist Technician:

DEC 2, 2015:
“Just reviewed the last rendition of the plans for the renovation.”

APRIL 4, 2016:
“Project for the Paseos is in the bid process. We are currently on track to begin the renovation this fall.”

Q2 LPNA Meeting

For those unable to attend the 2nd quarter LPNA meeting this past Saturday, you missed a plethora of information provided by the organizers, Greg Peck and Ann Hetherton, along with guest speakers:

Jean Dresden – From SJ Parks Advocates, see her overview and suggestions to improve our park, Parks Advocacy handout
Steven Spivak – Cottle/Lean NA Street Captain Coordinator updated us on the City’s proposed enforcement against illegal fireworks, SJFD Memorandum 4-1-16
Jaime Angulo – RLEI Program Manager with Catholic Charities, see his overview explaining the nature of RLEI and how you can participate, RLEI information

A special thanks to all of them for taking the time to coordinate and present on issues impacting our neighborhood. Official meeting minutes detailing all of this and more will be posted when they become available.

SJ City Council issues memo regarding Fireworks Ordinance

At a recent SJ City Council meeting, the fireworks ordinance discussion approved a pilot program allowing additional resources to aid in enforcement against banned illegal fireworks within the City’s limits. The full text of the memo is available below.

SJFD Memorandum 4-1-16

Updated 4/27 with a followup memo issued by the city stating the outcome of the council meeting

SJ Fireworks Ordinance memo 8apr2016