STBNA (Santa Teresa Bernal Neighborhood Association) meeting 8/29 @6:30PM – High Speed Rail update

LPNA works with other (NA) Neighborhood Associations as well as participates at the (NLC) Neighborhood Leadership Council meetings. So if a nearby NA hosts a topic we believe beneficial to our members, we’ll post it here on your behalf. With that said, STBNA monthly meetings are held at:

Santa Teresa Public Library (Community Room)
290 International Circle
San Jose, CA 95119

Agenda for 8/29 STBNA meeting:

– 6.30 Welcome/introductions

 – 6.45 High Speed Rail Presentation

               Latest developments (Morgan Hill & Willow Glen meetings)

               STBNA position

               What will happen in November

 – 7.15 PM: District 2 update (Roseryn)

               D2 candidates forum in Hellyer on 9/1

-7.25 PM: open forum

Participatory Budgeting

cropped-phase-3-flyer1As some of you are aware, the Calpine settlement regarding air quality monitoring resulted in $1M grant for the Avenida Espana, Chantilley, Los Paseos, Metcalf, and Santa Teresa neighborhoods (i.e. the neighborhoods bounded by Highway 101, Bernal Rd, Santa Teresa Hills, and Bailey Ave). These funds are available via the Participatory Budget process where you the citizen vote to determine how those funds are spent to improve the neighborhood. However, as the namesake implies, you have to participate! That can be anything from suggesting ideas on how to spend the funds, to championing the concept as a budget delegate to develop the concept into a proposal to present to the city and neighbors to vote upon. Lastly, participation can be as simple as learning about all available projects and make an informed decision to best determine the expenditure of these funds to maximize the impact in your community.

Learn more about the PB process at the city sponsored website

Help get out the vote by letting your neighbors know about this process

Or check back here regularly at the LPNA website or join our facebook page for updates on this and other important issues impacting our neighborhood

Using the proper coolant within your HVAC

While cleaning up the stack of mail from my kitchen counter I came across the latest Angie’s List publication. Within was an interesting article by Paul F.P. Pogue regarding HVAC scams to load counterfeit coolant in your air conditioner. Give it a read and learn how to protect yourself from this type of HVAC scam. His  article is entitled “Is Your A/C System Using Counterfeit R-22?”


Venue change for 8/8 PB meeting

Apologies for the late notice. The PB meeting to be held tonight from 6-8pm for the PB process for the Calpine Grant was moved this morning to the Los Paseos Elementary multi-purpose room (121 Avenida Espana, San Jose, CA 95139)

If you are attending the meeting tonight, be sure to report to the proper location. I confirmed location with Joshua this afternoon and adjusted the site’s calendar notification (unfortunately it is taking its time to update in an expedient manner).

National Night Out 2016 Success

Posted on behalf of LPNA President, Greg Peck

Hello, Los Paseos neighbors.

The 2nd Annual LPNA National Night Out has come and gone. By all accounts, it was a great evening in the Los Paseos Park.

Close to 200 people attended the LPNA NNO 2016.

A lot of hard work went into making LPNA NNO 2016 go off so smoothly. The LPNA Board would like to thank all who organized and made it happen.

A big thank you to the people who prepared and facilitated the events and information tables – (Monster Golf), (Chalk Art), (Local Park Improvements), (Disaster Preparedness), (Participatory Budget), (Cub and Boy Scouts), (Neighborhood Watch), (Girl Scouts), (D2 Office), (ST Library), (PremierOne).

A big thank you to the park maintenance crew who prepared the site for us. And a big thank you to the jump house vendor IJump, to the ice cream vendor Golden State Ice Cream, and to the hot dog steamer vendor Jumper4kids. And to the hot doggers (my family) who served.

And, a big thank you to the San Jose Police Department (Policemen, CSO and Cadets) and to Fire Station #27 for your valued attendance.

Without your support, the LPNA NNO 2016 could not have been such a success.

Last but not least, the attendees. Thank you very much for your attendance and support. You are the best!

Helping to make our community and our world a better one to live in.

Greg Peck