Video of LPNA meeting May 17, 2018

For those unable to attend our Q2 meeting the videos of the meeting are included below

Part 1

A. Call to Order
B. LPNA Business
C. Updates for D2 issues, and PB Round 1 and 2 project status
D. Presentations – Safety By SJPD Capt. Fong, part 1

Part 2

D: Presentations (continued)

Safety By SJPD Capt. Fong, part 2
Safety by CHP, Ross Lee
PB Parks project update
DOT PB updates for Paseos, Santa Teresa Blvd
Los Paseos Park Uplift update (Adriel Castro) Part 1

Part 3

D: Presentations (continued)

Los Paseos Park Uplift update (Adriel Castro) Part 2
Art Box project update
Measures B/C – Neighbors for Affordable Housing (Jacquie Heffner) Part 1

Part 4

D: Presentations (continued)

Measures B/C – Neighbors for Affordable Housing (Jacquie Heffner) Part 2

Electronic Speed Sign on Santa Teresa Blvd

Electronic Speed Signs was a proposed PB project to place electronic speed signs on the Santa Teresa Blvd and Monterey Highway corridors to warn drivers to slow down and reduce speed as they entered into urban neighborhood communities, rural speeds (50-55mph) reduce to local street speeds (40-45mph). Often, drivers fail to observe local street speeds after prolonged driving along a rural road.

Unfortunately, the electronic speed signs PB project did not receive enough votes to proceed after PB Round 2 voting. Fortunately, however, many community members persisted to voice concerns to the City of San Jose DOT. The DOT examined the issue for the Santa Teresa Blvd corridor, and addressed our concerns with the installation of a speed sign on northbound Santa Teresa Blvd past Tulare Hill before Bayliss Dr. The sign is currently inactive as of 4/15. Stay tuned. More details to be posted when we learn of an activation date.

Hopefully, this sign alerts drivers to their speed and aid in curtailing the rampant speeding along this roadway. Many thanks to all who collectively voiced their opinions to the City to help improve the traffic safety entering our neighborhood.

PB Round 2 Update

Many of our neighbors have inquired about the status of the PB projects. While LPNA is not managing all the PB projects (this is the City’s responsibility), some of its members have personal interest to ensure the success of their own projects championed through the PB process. As a result, those involved in managing their own projects have better insight to the status vs others within the community. Information is always available through the City’s District 2 website. The Parks Upgrade information below is more up to date with thanks to Parks Upgrade member Herb Bowen managing that group’s projects.

 Participatory Budget (PB) projects, ROUND 2 winners

Money for Our Local Schools – Complete!

Beautification on Santa Teresa (A): Landscaping and Neighborhood Signs —

Landscape side strips, place neighborhood entrance signs, paint the sound walls between Chantilly and Bayliss Dr.

  • Status:

a) Sound walls painted (some wall sections still need completion, and are being addressed)
b) wood repaired neighborhood entrance sign locations established
c) tree planting locations have been established by the City arborist and the PB Project Delegate, and planting will begin soon.

Parks Upgrade 1 (B): Shade Playgrounds at 2 Parks —

Shade structures for playground at Metcalf Park and Los Paseos Park.

  • Status: City parks planners are using multiple vendors for procuring equipment and contractors to install the structures. Could be in the middle of the summer.

Parks Upgrade 1 (C): Solar Lights for Los Paseos Park —

Solar lighting from tennis courts to the parking lot.

  •  Status: City parks planners are in the process of ordering the solar lights. PB funded 5 lights, city added 3 more for a total of 8 solar lights for the pathway.

Paseos Lighting  — Complete!

Upgrade three paseos’ lighting with LED lights, brighter than existing lights.

  • Status: All 3 paseos’ lights have been retrofitted. Complete!
    1. Avenida Rotella à Tennis courts
    2. Avenida Espana à Cheltenham Way
    3. Avenida Espana à Bayliss

Note: Herb Bowen is the LPNA contact person working with the city planners on Los Paseos Park projects. City planners and Parks personnel will meet with and update the community at the LPNA meeting on May 19th, 7:00 p.m. at Santa Teresa Library. If you have any questions concerning these projects, please contact Herb though the LPNA website “Contact Us” page


Video of LPNA meeting 12/7/2017

For those unable to attend the our meeting, please feel free to view the recorded session below. Still ironing out the bugs to the process, and definitely need to remember to detach the monitoring headset when stepping away from the camera, or else everything tends to follow you around, literally. 😀 So apologies for that mishap, but otherwise, the recording is presentable. The audio was not cleanly processed as I like, but due to time constraints to make this information available prior to the 12/12 City Council meeting, it will have to do. 

The SPURS slide deck presentation is available for PDF download here

D2 Bernal to Bailey PB Round 2 update

The PB projects that won Round 2 were announced back on 8/24. A status update of the projects can be found at the city website (link below)

Round 2 project updates

The money for the local schools, Martin Murphy Middle School and Los Paseos Elementary, was completed.

The Paseo Lighting upgrade to LEDs for Paseo #2 (Los Paseos neighborhood) and Paseo #3 (Avenida Espana neighborhood) was completed.

The Park related upgrades (Shade structures and lighting) and Beautification of Santa Teresa projects are scheduled for completion in June / July of 2018.

Participatory Budgeting

cropped-phase-3-flyer1As some of you are aware, the Calpine settlement regarding air quality monitoring resulted in $1M grant for the Avenida Espana, Chantilley, Los Paseos, Metcalf, and Santa Teresa neighborhoods (i.e. the neighborhoods bounded by Highway 101, Bernal Rd, Santa Teresa Hills, and Bailey Ave). These funds are available via the Participatory Budget process where you the citizen vote to determine how those funds are spent to improve the neighborhood. However, as the namesake implies, you have to participate! That can be anything from suggesting ideas on how to spend the funds, to championing the concept as a budget delegate to develop the concept into a proposal to present to the city and neighbors to vote upon. Lastly, participation can be as simple as learning about all available projects and make an informed decision to best determine the expenditure of these funds to maximize the impact in your community.

Learn more about the PB process at the city sponsored website

Help get out the vote by letting your neighbors know about this process

Or check back here regularly at the LPNA website or join our facebook page for updates on this and other important issues impacting our neighborhood