PB Round 2 Update

Many of our neighbors have inquired about the status of the PB projects. While LPNA is not managing all the PB projects (this is the City’s responsibility), some of its members have personal interest to ensure the success of their own projects championed through the PB process. As a result, those involved in managing their own projects have better insight to the status vs others within the community. Information is always available through the City’s District 2 website. The Parks Upgrade information below is more up to date with thanks to Parks Upgrade member Herb Bowen managing that group’s projects.

 Participatory Budget (PB) projects, ROUND 2 winners

Money for Our Local Schools – Complete!

Beautification on Santa Teresa (A): Landscaping and Neighborhood Signs —

Landscape side strips, place neighborhood entrance signs, paint the sound walls between Chantilly and Bayliss Dr.

  • Status:

a) Sound walls painted (some wall sections still need completion, and are being addressed)
b) wood repaired neighborhood entrance sign locations established
c) tree planting locations have been established by the City arborist and the PB Project Delegate, and planting will begin soon.

Parks Upgrade 1 (B): Shade Playgrounds at 2 Parks —

Shade structures for playground at Metcalf Park and Los Paseos Park.

  • Status: City parks planners are using multiple vendors for procuring equipment and contractors to install the structures. Could be in the middle of the summer.

Parks Upgrade 1 (C): Solar Lights for Los Paseos Park —

Solar lighting from tennis courts to the parking lot.

  •  Status: City parks planners are in the process of ordering the solar lights. PB funded 5 lights, city added 3 more for a total of 8 solar lights for the pathway.

Paseos Lighting  — Complete!

Upgrade three paseos’ lighting with LED lights, brighter than existing lights.

  • Status: All 3 paseos’ lights have been retrofitted. Complete!
    1. Avenida Rotella à Tennis courts
    2. Avenida Espana à Cheltenham Way
    3. Avenida Espana à Bayliss

Note: Herb Bowen is the LPNA contact person working with the city planners on Los Paseos Park projects. City planners and Parks personnel will meet with and update the community at the LPNA meeting on May 19th, 7:00 p.m. at Santa Teresa Library. If you have any questions concerning these projects, please contact Herb though the LPNA website “Contact Us” page