The purpose of LPNA is to promote community involvement and to provide a means for the neighborhood to address its needs, including:

  • Schools
  • Safety and Security
  • Traffic
  • Zoning
  • Recreation
  • City Communications

LPNA shall serve as a vehicle for communication within this community through meetings and events, as well as through online and printed media such as e-mail, Nextdoor, newsletters, and flyers. Membership shall be open to all residents, business owners, business licensees and nonprofit organizations located within the boundaries as defined below.

The Los Paseos Neighborhood Association (LPNA), is located in the City of San Jose, California. The area covered by LPNA is bounded by Bernal Road from Santa Teresa Boulevard to the Monterey Highway, and Cheltenham Way and the Coyote Alamitos Canal, from Santa Teresa Boulevard to the Monterey Highway.

Neighborhood Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

The Los Paseos neighborhood also contains two homeowners associations (HOAs). In contrast to the Los Paseos Neighborhood Association, which generally works with the City of San Jose and other government groups, the HOAs are funded by mandatory payments from homeowners living inside particular developments. HOAs have legal and financial responsibilities for maintaining certain common areas & infrastructure, as well as upholding community architectural standards.
– Los Paseos HOA
– Tulare Hill HOA