This list of useful numbers provided by our former District 2 council member representative, Ash Kalra. The current council member, Sergio Jimenez, has not updated this card yet. *AHEM* 😛

NOTE: If dialing Emergency services from a cell phone within San Jose city limits, do NOT dial 911! Cellular calls to 911 within California are handled by the CHP and re-directed to local jurisdictions from which the call originated to dispatch a response.

This takes time! Time you may not have! Cell phone users should dial SJ Emergency Dispatch directly at (408)277-8911 (Program this into your contact list as AAA SJ Emergency so it is displays at the top).

VoIP users need to verify the completion/correctness of the e-911 form required by your service provider during registration. This ensures, upon dialing 911, much like a traditional land line, emergency services are dispatched to the correct location. If your VoIP service is used in a mobile manner between office and home, for example, contact your provider on how to best handle e-911 issues to dispatch services to the correct location.

2015 resource card

For a PDF copy of this page to print out for easier reference (or placement by phone or on refrigerator door), click here.

The City of San Jose publishes on their website a current up to date list of services here.