This is a list of useful numbers provided by our District 2 council member representative, Sergio Jimenez. This list is highly abbreviated due to changing policies at City of San Jose. As the City transitions to electronic communications, resources are diverting to address electronic reports of incidents via the city website or the MySanJose app (available on IOS and Android), phone calls have a much slower response time for non-emergency related issues.

NOTE: If dialing Emergency services from a cell phone within San Jose city limits, do NOT dial 911! Cellular calls to 911 within California are handled by the CHP and re-directed to local jurisdictions from which the call originated to dispatch a response.

This takes time! Time you may not have! Cell phone users should dial SJ Emergency Dispatch directly at (408)277-8911 (Program this into your contact list as AAA SJ Emergency so it is displays at the top).

VoIP users need to verify the completion/correctness of the e-911 form required by your service provider during registration. This ensures, upon dialing 911, much like a traditional land line, emergency services are dispatched to the correct location. If your VoIP service is used in a mobile manner between office and home, for example, contact your provider on how to best handle e-911 issues to dispatch services to the correct location.

SJPD also publishes a list of Important Phone Numbers for City and County related services

When reporting a Crime to SJPD, please have as much as the following information available as possible:

SJPD images above are available in PDF for printout and placement by your phone, bulletin board, refridgerator, etc. Additionally, The City of San Jose publishes a more comprehensive list of services on their website here.