Dumpster Day Success on 12/9/2017

Hello, neighbors.

Glad you were able to dispose of your unwanted materials last Saturday. The 5 dumpsters that were hauled away contained about 4 tons per dumpster (per the person who picked them up). That’s a total of ~20 tons or ~40,000 pounds.

They were hauled to a recycle center where they are sorted to different materials. Approximately 95% of the material will be recycled. It’s amazing! All the different types of materials get either shredded (clothes, mattresses), composted, ground, melted to make ready for another round of products.

Going forward, you can schedule free large item pickups, scheduled for pickup on your regular pickup day. You would place the large item per their guidelines at the garbage and trash can locations on your street. Get information and make arrangements at (408) 213-7800. See a flyer of the service, attached here. It shows the Holiday schedule, and a free Christmas tree pickup.

Thanks to the volunteers who pitched in to help make for a smooth operation, and thanks to the D2 office, for the outreach from Vanessa Sandoval and Laura Nguyen to LPNA, enabling this event to be held in the Los Paseos neighborhood. The volunteers were ebullient and happy to help as they worked throughout the day.

Check out some of our ambitious and hardworking neighbors who volunteered, and some who hauled by handcart some junk to be thrown away.

Greg Peck

Video of LPNA meeting 12/7/2017

For those unable to attend the our meeting, please feel free to view the recorded session below. Still ironing out the bugs to the process, and definitely need to remember to detach the monitoring headset when stepping away from the camera, or else everything tends to follow you around, literally. 😀 So apologies for that mishap, but otherwise, the recording is presentable. The audio was not cleanly processed as I like, but due to time constraints to make this information available prior to the 12/12 City Council meeting, it will have to do. 

The SPURS slide deck presentation is available for PDF download here