First meeting of 2017

Greetings neighbors!

Our first LPNA meeting of 2017 is scheduled for Saturday February 4th from 10:30am-12:00pm. (2017 Meeting Schedule). However, due to scheduling conflicts at the Library for this date, an alternate location was sought out. Graciously, PremierOne Credit Union, a supportive member to our community, offered their meeting room for our use. For this one meeting, meet us at:

PremierOne Credit Union HQ
6640 Via Del Oro    (close by)
San Jose, CA 95119

Be sure to stop by and say thanks to a local supporting business helping to make our community stronger.

The meeting agenda includes:

  • Meeting the new Captain of the Southern Division for SJPD
  • HSRA to present information, with priority to our specific area

Join us! Learn more about our community, and how your participation helps!

Free Wood Chip Mulch

A company called Chip Drop connects people with local tree companies who are willing to drop off whole truck loads of wood chip mulch for free. It’s a win win solution allowing tree companies to bypass hauling their trimmings to the waste/recycling centers for disposal and having to pay drop off fees, while you, the homeowner, do not have shell out big bucks for wood chips. Several non-profits in the area that require gardening employ these green techniques. Here is your chance to employ these similar techniques for yard projects around your home.

Help yourself.
Help local businesses.
Help the environment.