Participatory Budgeting

cropped-phase-3-flyer1As some of you are aware, the Calpine settlement regarding air quality monitoring resulted in $1M grant for the Avenida Espana, Chantilley, Los Paseos, Metcalf, and Santa Teresa neighborhoods (i.e. the neighborhoods bounded by Highway 101, Bernal Rd, Santa Teresa Hills, and Bailey Ave). These funds are available via the Participatory Budget process where you the citizen vote to determine how those funds are spent to improve the neighborhood. However, as the namesake implies, you have to participate! That can be anything from suggesting ideas on how to spend the funds, to championing the concept as a budget delegate to develop the concept into a proposal to present to the city and neighbors to vote upon. Lastly, participation can be as simple as learning about all available projects and make an informed decision to best determine the expenditure of these funds to maximize the impact in your community.

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