HSR Update for Edenvale

December 7th @ 6:30 p.m. 
Edenvale Community Center, 330 Branham Lane East, San Jose

Meeting hosted by Edenvale Great Oaks Plan Implementation Coalition during which representatives of the HSR authority will provide an update on the current state of HSR specifically for the Edenvale area. This is another opportunity to show the HSR authorities that we are engaged and ready to fight if they don’t consider our concerns.

To keep up to date one can return to this site for information, or sign up directly to yahoo groups for ourhsrsouthbay:


STBNA November monthly meeting

You’re probably wondering why we see so much information flowing over from STBNA? Well, simply put, it never hurts to learn from other neighborhood associations what issues they have to solve. However, in particular, Rolund LeBrun serving as President for the STBNA group also works tirelessly on traffic issues that impact our area. In particular, he devotes a great deal of his time advocating on our behalf to ensure High Speed Rail implementation is handled properly without destroying our neighborhoods. To that end, 11/28 is the November monthly meeting for STBNA, details follow:

Date: 11/28
Location: Santa Teresa Public Library Community room
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm


6.30 PM: Video of HSR presentation to the Board of Supervisors on 11/15
7:00 PM: D2 update (Sergio/Roseryn)
7.10 PM: Update on recent developments, including HSR Land Use Committee in Sacramento on 11/28
7.15 PM: Presentation followed by discussion on potential alternative alignments based on recent developments and next steps, including HSR presentation in San Martin on 12/15

High Speed Rail impact upon D2 neighborhoods

Roland Lebrun was gracious enough to provide his slides for the High Speed Rail presentation at both the LPNA and STBNA meetings here , 10/22-10/24. Please review if you were unable to attend either meeting or the D2 office presentation in conjunction with HSRA on 10/27. There are MANY issues which impact our communities and it is best everyone become familiar with them in order to make an informed decision as to how you want it to proceed.


STBNA (Santa Teresa Bernal Neighborhood Association) meeting 8/29 @6:30PM – High Speed Rail update

LPNA works with other (NA) Neighborhood Associations as well as participates at the (NLC) Neighborhood Leadership Council meetings. So if a nearby NA hosts a topic we believe beneficial to our members, we’ll post it here on your behalf. With that said, STBNA monthly meetings are held at:

Santa Teresa Public Library (Community Room)
290 International Circle
San Jose, CA 95119

Agenda for 8/29 STBNA meeting:

– 6.30 Welcome/introductions

 – 6.45 High Speed Rail Presentation

               Latest developments (Morgan Hill & Willow Glen meetings)

               STBNA position

               What will happen in November

 – 7.15 PM: District 2 update (Roseryn)

               D2 candidates forum in Hellyer on 9/1

-7.25 PM: open forum