Local Fireworks Displays

In a message relayed by Councilmember Jimenez of District 2 help celebrate a safe and fun Fireworks celebration this July 4th. There are shows at these following venues. Please attend one of these fireworks displays instead of igniting your own which are ILLEGAL within the City of San Jose. With this past winter’s heavy rainfall, there is plenty of overgrowth along the hillsides increasing the fire hazard this summer.

Rotary Fireworks
180 Woz Way
San Jose, CA 95110

Fireworks begin at approximately 9:30PM. The free Symphony Summer Pops music begins at 5:30PM. Promoting safe fireworks in our community through free, fun, family-friendly professional fireworks.

San Jose Giants Independence Day Celebration
588 E Alma Ave, San Jose, CA 95112
San Jose, CA 95112

San Jose Giants Independence Day Celebration, Municipal Stadium

Fun Festival and Fireworks at Almaden Lake
6099 Winfield Blvd
San Jose, CA 95120

Given the City of San Jos√©’s safety-related ban on the use of personal fireworks, these public events offer families¬†and people of all ages and backgrounds a safe place to celebrate Independence Day. This patriotic, fun-filled,¬†family-friendly event (no alcohol is served or allowed) is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July.

If you need to report the use of illegal fireworks, submit a report on the City of San Jose website Fireworks Abatement page

How do you prefer to receive community information?

I raised this issue at the April 6th meeting, but wanted the opportunity to ask a larger audience. As a member of the community, how do you prefer to receive information regarding community issues, events, etc. Your feedback will help us target how to focus resources in the dissemination of information to the community.

April 6th LPNA meeting videos

For those of you unable to attend the April 6th meeting I did record it on video (pardon some of the production issues as I was breaking in some new hardware) and made available here in 3 parts. There is no guarantee future meetings will be recorded/available. Member attendance and participation is absolutely critical, especially if we vote on issues that impact the community as a whole.

Part 1 – Opening LPNA business/issues, Captain Fong of SJPD Southern Division

Part 2 – Comments from Sergio Jimenez’s District 2 office, Presentation by Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor Mike Wasserman

Part 3 – Presentation by Mike Wasserman cont’d

LPNA General Meeting – April 6

Hello, LPNA members. Two files attached.
Next Thursday will be our second meeting of the year. We are having more meetings this year, alternating between Saturday morning and Thursday evening. Meetings are every two months this year.
Included with the agenda is a draft letter to Mayor Sam Liccardo. The letter describes yearly online reporting as another way to address illegal fireworks in San Jose. The letter is being distributed to all Neighborhood Associations in District 2 for approval at NA meetings. As Chairman of the D2 Neighborhood Leadership Council, I intend to endorse the letter with a list of all NAs who approve it as shown. Please review the letter prior to the April 6 meeting. LPNA Members will vote for approval or disapproval at the April 6 meeting. Copies will be available at the meeting.
At this meeting we will have SJPD Captain Fong again. He will give us an update on San Jose Police Department and our neighborhood.
Also, Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman (District 1 Рour district) will give an update on Santa Clara County and its relationship to us in our neighborhood.

What has the County done for you lately?

Are you uncertain about the services the County of Santa Clara provides, or what portion of your taxes goes to the County versus the City? Here’s your chance to learn about what the County government does. The featured speaker at our LPNA general meeting on Thursday evening, April 6th, is Supervisor Mike Wasserman, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors member for our District 1 (southern county).

If you have a question for Supervisor Wasserman, we’ll forward it to him in advance. Just put it in a reply to this email or an email to President@lospaseosneighbors.org BEFORE  March 31st.
So, put that  special program on the DVR, and come on to the Library to learn a few new things about our area, and to meet your neighbors.
Hope to see you at the library.
Greg Peck

Greenbelt Alliance

Met with representatives of the Greenbelt Alliance today to learn about their organization. They work to protect many natural and agricultural lands throughout the Bay area. You can learn more from their website and more specifically, their stance on Coyote Valley. Many of our neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods will be directly impacted by developments within this area. As members of the community, now is the time to educate yourself about the issues surrounding development of this area. Greenbelt made available a report on lands in the area most at risk for development


Upcoming High Speed Rail Authority meetings (SF to SJ Project section)

If you are not already on the mailing list for California High-Speed Rail Authority, please attend one of these meetings and learn how this project impacts you and your neighborhood. Open house meetings for the project section from San Jose to San Francisco takes place between April 5th – 13th, 2017 at various locations across the peninsula.

Community Open House Meetings