D2 PB funding for the Bernal to Bailey $1M

You may have seen, a few days ago on Nextdoor, a post by Joshua Barousse, a District 2 Council Aide, indicating the District 2 PB voting process has resumed. Search for his post or see it below.

Below is the post and flyers associated with the resumption of voting. Register to vote in this PB process by linking to the websites shown in links below, registering, then awaiting a confirmation email from a District 2 staff (possibly Erika Salazar), asking for validation of your house address, like a recent PGE bill, a copy of water bill, etc. You can cross off the account number. You can view the project ideas in the voting ballot on the City’s website.




D2 Participatory Budget – Help get the vote out

On October 8, the city will hold an Expo at the Los Paseos Elementary All Purpose Meeting room from 10:30am-1:00pm.

(Yes it conflicts with Park Clean Up Day, so I would encourage you to attend both events since they are beside one another!!!!)

Come meet the budget delegates driving projects to help improve your neighborhoods. Learn what each project has to offer so you as a voter can make an informed decision as to how to best spend the $1M dollars available from the Calpine grant settlement. Learn more about the process via the City of San Jose web page dedicated to this process:


Here you can register to vote electronically if you are unable attend in person.

You can also learn more about the projects at ourmillion.org

Better yet, get involved and let your neighbors know about this process and get them to vote on projects they believe will benefit and improve the entire community.