Scheduled PG&E outage, part 2

In case you did not read the letter issued by PG&E on 3/15, there is re-scheduled maintenance for the area on 4/4/19, due to the past storms prohibiting electrical work. Assuming mother nature cooperates, the following streets are affected:

Via Lomas
Via Carmela
Via Corona
Via Maria

Expect brief outages in the morning and afternoon during equipment replacement servicing our neighborhood. Outage duration may vary based on household address as detailed in the individual letters each household received regarding this scheduled maintenance . Please take the necessary precautions to safeguard refridgerated/frozen foods. If you have medical equipment requiring uninterrupted power, please take the appropriate measures to remain safe, and or notify PG&E customer service center at (800)743-5000

PG&E Outage Checklist