D2 Councilmember, Sergio Jimenez

The following is a greeting introduction post on Nextdoor. We realize not all members of our community belong to Nextdoor for one reason or another. We respect that decision and will try to keep you informed via this site or email so you continue to engage the entire community.

“Dear District 2 Residents,
I am honored to be representing District 2 as your newly elected Councilmember. I will be using Nextdoor to connect with you and keep you updated on the latest news in our neighborhoods and all across the city.

I want to introduce you to my team who are dedicated to working diligently to help you:
Vanessa Sandoval – Chief of Staff, Vanessa.Sandoval@sanjoseca.gov
Helen Chapman – Policy & Legislative Advisor, Helen.Chapman@sanjoseca.gov
Kimberly Hernandez – Executive Assistant, Kimberly.Hernandez@sanjoseca.gov
Maribel Villarreal – Policy & Legislative Advisor, Maribel.Villarreal@sanjoseca.gov
Please call or email our office anytime (408) 535-4902, district2@sanjoseca.gov, with questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Councilmember Sergio Jimenez”