Video of LPNA meeting on May 14th, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing Shelter-In-Place (SIP) order issued by the Santa Clara County Health Department, this meeting did not occur in person at Los Paseos Elementary School. Instead, this was our first virtual meeting using Zoom conferencing. Hopefully, we can incorporate this technology in future meetings for those unable to attend meetings in person due to work, family, other commitments etc. If you cannot participate virtually, fear not! We have the recording here for your consumption to keep abreast of events impacting our community.

00:00 SJPD update
11:03 SJPD update after audio edit
18:10 National Night Out update
20:00 CERT Program and training
28:50 District 2 update – Vanessa Sandoval – Bridge Housing
50:20 D2 update – High Speed Rail (HSR)
1:00:00 Misc questions and issues


Video for HSR Community Update Meeting

For those unable to attend the HSR Community Update Meeting held at the Southside Community Center

Time 0:00:00 Karen Lattin (LPNA) Introductions
Time 0:01:20 Maribel Villareal (D2 Office) Overview of City Participation
Time 0:03:28 Boris Lipkin (HSR) Project Overview
Time 0:11:02 Brian Stanke (CofSJ DOT) City Generated Options
Time 0:40:30 Boris Lipkin (HSR) 2018 Business Plan
Time 1:59:00 Karen Lattin (LPNA) Closing comments

High Speed Rail Community Update

Join Los Paseos Neighborhood Association for a community update on High Speed Rail. With the Draft 2018 Business Plan recently released, changes have been proposed for the entire alignment including the Monterey Corridor.. 

High Speed Rail Authority has proposed a new blended alignment for the entire length of San Jose in conjunction with expanded Caltrain service to Gilroy (similar to the blended system between San Francisco and Diridon). The City of San Jose Dept of Transportation has proposed two City-Generated Options (CGO) for the corridor instead of the blended system. 

High Speed Rail Authority, Caltrain and San Jose Dept of Transportation will be presenting information on these various new alignments. Come find out how these proposed changes would impact the Monterey Corridor. 

Thursday, June 14th
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Southside Community Center
5585 Cottle Rd, San Jose, CA 95123 

Upcoming High Speed Rail Authority meetings (SF to SJ Project section)

If you are not already on the mailing list for California High-Speed Rail Authority, please attend one of these meetings and learn how this project impacts you and your neighborhood. Open house meetings for the project section from San Jose to San Francisco takes place between April 5th – 13th, 2017 at various locations across the peninsula.

Community Open House Meetings

Upcoming High Speed Rail Authority meetings (San Jose to Merced Project section)

If you are not already on the California High-Speed Rail Authority mailing list, please attend one of the following meetings to learn more about how this project could impact you and your neighborhood. These upcoming meetings from April 18 – May 1, 2017 are presented at various locations and dates (See infographic below).

Community Open House Meetings

First meeting of 2017

Greetings neighbors!

Our first LPNA meeting of 2017 is scheduled for Saturday February 4th from 10:30am-12:00pm. (2017 Meeting Schedule). However, due to scheduling conflicts at the Library for this date, an alternate location was sought out. Graciously, PremierOne Credit Union, a supportive member to our community, offered their meeting room for our use. For this one meeting, meet us at:

PremierOne Credit Union HQ
6640 Via Del Oro    (close by)
San Jose, CA 95119

Be sure to stop by and say thanks to a local supporting business helping to make our community stronger.

The meeting agenda includes:

  • Meeting the new Captain of the Southern Division for SJPD
  • HSRA to present information, with priority to our specific area

Join us! Learn more about our community, and how your participation helps!

HSR Update for Edenvale

December 7th @ 6:30 p.m. 
Edenvale Community Center, 330 Branham Lane East, San Jose

Meeting hosted by Edenvale Great Oaks Plan Implementation Coalition during which representatives of the HSR authority will provide an update on the current state of HSR specifically for the Edenvale area. This is another opportunity to show the HSR authorities that we are engaged and ready to fight if they don’t consider our concerns.

To keep up to date one can return to this site for information, or sign up directly to yahoo groups for ourhsrsouthbay:


STBNA November monthly meeting

You’re probably wondering why we see so much information flowing over from STBNA? Well, simply put, it never hurts to learn from other neighborhood associations what issues they have to solve. However, in particular, Rolund LeBrun serving as President for the STBNA group also works tirelessly on traffic issues that impact our area. In particular, he devotes a great deal of his time advocating on our behalf to ensure High Speed Rail implementation is handled properly without destroying our neighborhoods. To that end, 11/28 is the November monthly meeting for STBNA, details follow:

Date: 11/28
Location: Santa Teresa Public Library Community room
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm


6.30 PM: Video of HSR presentation to the Board of Supervisors on 11/15
7:00 PM: D2 update (Sergio/Roseryn)
7.10 PM: Update on recent developments, including HSR Land Use Committee in Sacramento on 11/28
7.15 PM: Presentation followed by discussion on potential alternative alignments based on recent developments and next steps, including HSR presentation in San Martin on 12/15