New Meeting location for LPNA meetings

You spoke, we listened.

In an effort to boost attendance and participation, many provided feedback that meetings at the Santa Teresa Library were “out of the way”. So in an effort to address that, we obtained the use of the Community Room at the Los Paseos Elementary School to hold our meetings. This is located in the Multipurpose Building behind the school (i.e. the Gymnasium) which many of you attended larger scale meetings over the years regarding community issues, e.g. paseos redevelopment, land development hearings in coyote valley, neighborhood safety and security, as well as the Calpine Participatory Budget project displays. The community room is located in the same building, and if attendance warrants it we can relocate into the gymnasium area.

With the meetings located close to home and within walking distance, hopefully we will see more of you attend and participate. If you have additional suggestions and feedback, please provide it via the Contacts page and let us know how to improve and increase greater community involvement.