LPNA Community Projects 2018

The Los Paseo Neighborhood Association has multiple projects in Los Paseo Park this year. These projects are primarily funded by a BeautifySJ grant from the City, submitted by LPNA. LPNA members have initiated these projects with Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) to beautify and enhance our Park.

  • Planting of 10 new shade trees (Catalpa speciosa) in the Park. Purpose was to provide shade to the sun-exposed, non-reserve picnic area, and add additional shade trees in the Park. LPNA worked with Our City Forest (OCF) and Americorps volunteers with support from PRNS to get the job done. PRNS established a hose coupling nearby to water trees if needed during the hot summer months until they are established. (BeautifySJ funds) Complete!
  • Repair and painting of the restroom building in the Park. Also, we will be repairing the decomposed granite (DG) surface in the picnic area near the bathroom. This is a continuing effort by LPNA member Herb Bowen to keep the reserve picnic area looking great. LPNA has teamed with PRNS to accomplish this project. This renovation will happen at 10:00 am on April 29th. The community and Bernal Church volunteers will be involved in this effort. If interested in helping, please join us.
  • Installation of two new park benches between the tennis courts and the restroom building. Current status, park bench types have been identified. Project target date is July. (BeautifySJ funds).
  • Upgrade to the lighting inside and outside the restroom building, installing new LED lighting. This project was initiated to address the poor, outdated lighting in and around the building, for purposes of increased visibility within the restrooms, and increased illumination around the building at night. Complete!

Note: Herb Bowen is the LPNA contact person working with the city planners on Los Paseos Park projects. City planners and Parks personnel will meet with and update the community at the LPNA meeting on May 19th, 7:00 p.m. at Santa Teresa Library. If you have any questions concerning these projects, please contact Herb though the LPNA website “Contact Us” page