STBNA (Santa Teresa Bernal Neighborhood Association) meeting 7/25 @6:30PM

Wondering why another (NA) Neighborhood Association’s meeting is posted on our site?!? Well, you can NEVER have too much information at your disposal! Additionally, most of the NA’s work together to keep all communities informed of issues that directly impact them. With that said, STBNA monthly meetings are held at:

Santa Teresa Public Library (Community Room)
290 International Circle
San Jose, CA 95119

Agenda for 7/25 STBNA meeting:

6:30PM Welcome/Introductions

– Concept

– Street View Tour (Menlo Park)

– Next Steps (funding)

7:00PM High Speed Rail Update

– Monterey Highway Viaducts

– Ashford (England) viaduct video

– Alternate proposal

– Next steps

7:25PM District 2 update (Roseryn)

7:30PM Open Forum

– Meet the D2 candidates

– Next Month’s agenda